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2014 Hero Xtreme image gallery

11 Jun 2014 / 4

Hero has rolled out a new Xtreme. While this might seem a pure cosmetic update, there is more than what meets the eye. Here is an image gallery of the new Hero Xtreme.

Hero Xtreme 2014  (6)

Hero Xtreme 2014  (5)

The new Xtreme is a brisk motorcycle, similar to the outgoing one

Hero Xtreme 2014  (3)

The tail lamp has become sharper and gets LEDs

Hero Xtreme 2014  (2)

The meter console is all-new with a digital-analogue console

Hero Xtreme 2014  (1)

The Xtreme logo stands out

Hero Xtreme 2014  (15)

The Xtreme version we tested here had a 240mm front disc and 130mm rear drum

Hero Xtreme 2014  (14)

The 149.2cc engine makes 14.4PS and 12.8Nm

Hero Xtreme 2014  (12)

The heat shield is new

Hero Xtreme 2014  (11)

The rear indicators are no longer integrated into the tail lamp

Hero Xtreme 2014  (10)

Hero Xtreme 2014  (7)

Hero Xtreme 2014  (9)

The pilot lamp is now stretched like an eye brow

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