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2014 Honda City specifications and comparison with 2013 petrol

The detailed specification sheet for the all-new 2014 Honda City Petrol and Diesel


Given below is the detailed specification sheet for the all-new 2014 Honda City Petrol and Diesel variants. You can also compare them with the outgoing model with the new petrol. The new City is lighter and more powerful. Torque has reduced insignificantly but more importantly is available at a lower rpm, thus improving drivability. The car is quicker in the acceleration runs and at the same time ARAI figures claim the car to be more fuel efficient as well. In terms of dimensions, the length and width stay the same but the wheelbase and height has increased. This results in a roomier feeling cabin while the longer wheelbase adds a bit to the stability aspect. Turning radius has been retained ensuring maneuverability is not affected.


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  • Pravin

    The 100Ps Diesel on this car is the lousier and slow when compared to Rapid/ Vento and Verna..

    The Petrol is literally same.. with added space and features.. with some improved internal quality.. thats all.. All this additions would demand additional price too..

    • olive

      mcpherson strut with stablizer and coil spring
      torsion spring axle with stablizer and coil spring in 2013.. give right information…kk

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