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2014 Hyundai Santa Fe India image gallery

12 Feb 2014 / 0
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Hyundai India launched the new Santa Fe with Storm Edge design at the recently concluded Auto Expo 2014. We have just driven this SUV on Indian roads. While you can read the first drive here, a pictorial view of the new Hyundai Santa Fe is given below.

Hyundai Santa Fe (4)

The Santa Fe’s new Storm Edge design changes the front fascia

Hyundai Santa Fe (2)

The new Storm Edge Santa Fe is graceful, strong, full of character and hard to mis

Hyundai Santa Fe (3)

The interesting bit is that the design of the Santa Fe is literally teetering on the sheer edge between bold and loud

Hyundai Santa Fe (8)

The head lamps have LEDs and high intensity discharge bulbs with cornering function

Hyundai Santa Fe (12)

The tail lamps are also LEDs

Hyundai Santa Fe (9)

The interiors of the new Hyundai Santa Fe look crisp and modern and stylish

Hyundai Santa Fe (10)

The last row is generous enough but because there is very little height to the seats you basically sit with your knees touching your chin

Hyundai Santa Fe (11)

When not required the last row seats fold into the boot area and this provides generous boot volume

Hyundai Santa Fe (6)

When the need arises in slippery tractionless conditions, torque is spread between all four wheels to enhance stability and get you out of tricky situations

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