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2014 Mini Cooper D 3-door India image gallery

22 Dec 2014 / 0

Mini’s only launch for 2014 in India was the new Mini Cooper D, in 3-door and 5-door form. The car sits lower than before and in fact bucks the trend by being compact on its footprint. There are a lot of tweaks inside and on the exterior as well and Mini claims it’s more spacious than before. We have driven the car and the pictures from the corresponding photo shoot are already here. Look out for our full road test which will be up very soon.


The Mini is longer, wider and taller than before and though it’s not visually apparent from the outside, it has allowed for slightly more space on the inside



The grille and the bumper have changed, though not drastically, and it’s the LEDs around the headlights that really let you know this is the new generation car



The India line-up gets this 1.5-litre, three pot diesel engine producing 114PS and 270Nm



In addition to the space improvements, the interiors have also changed for the better with superior materials and an improved layout to some of the controls



The large speedometer that dominated the centre of the dashboard has now moved back to where it belongs – in front of the driver



A funky circular multi-coloured LED that can be programmed to light up to either display driving mode, engine revs or ambient lighting



Little corners and nooks in the interior light up like your own personal nightclub in the new Mini




In a crunch situation, both figuratively and literally, you could fit four grown-ups into this Mini



The boot has grown from a measly 160 litres to a slightly larger 211 litres



There is very little turbo lag giving it really good throttle feel But its acceleration time of 10.2s to 100kmph tells you it’s really not the quickest



While the Mini is not quite the car to tour in, the diesel engine is a pure delight on an open road

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