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2014 Nissan Sunny facelift image gallery

10 Jun 2014 / 0

Nissan showcased the facelifted Sunny at the 2014 Auto Expo  in New Delhi. We have just driven the new car and Nissan plans to launch it in July this year. Here are some images of the new Nissan Sunny in India.

2014 Nissan Sunny (10)

2014 Nissan Sunny (7)

2014 Nissan Sunny (8)

The Sunny’s boot now gets a fat chrome strip

2014 Nissan Sunny (5)

The chrome grille is similar to the ones on the Nissan Altima

2014 Nissan Sunny (3)

The headlamps are now more of a boomerang unit

2014 Nissan Sunny (2)

The blinker on the mirror is a new addition

2014 Nissan Sunny (17)

The interiors follow the same theme as on the new Micra

2014 Nissan Sunny (14)

The piano black finished centre console system

2014 Nissan Sunny (12)

The instruments are backlit in a cool white colour

2014 Nissan Sunny (18)

The top-end XV trim also gets a reverse camera

2014 Nissan Sunny (1)

The Sunny gets rear aircon vents and a charging socket

2014 Nissan Sunny (15)

The gear shifts could have been better

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