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2014 Vespa S India gallery

05 Mar 2014 / 0
Former Photo Editor

We are just fresh off the seat of the Vespa S which was launched in India today at the price of Rs 76,495 ex-Mumbai. The first ride report should be up soon and while you wait for it, here are some images

Vespa S125 (16)

Notice the white outline for the seat

Vespa S125 (2)

The Vespa S looks striking from every angle

Vespa S125 (15)

The rectangular head lamp distinguishes it from the other Vespas

Vespa S125 (9)

The black instrument panel looks expensive

Vespa S125 (7)

Quality of the switches can improve as also the ergonomic placement

Vespa S125 (8)

The palm grips have Vespa embossed on them

Vespa S125 (10)

This bag hook is retractable. Notice the cubby holes in the front

Vespa S125 (1)

The underseat storage is huge but cannot fit in a full face helmet

Vespa S125 (3)

The Vespa S feels peppy on the move with no inherent vibrations

Vespa S125 (6)

The tail lamp could have been an LED unit

Vespa S125 (14)

The 200mm front disc is powerful and brings the scooter safely to a halt without any drama

Vespa S125 (12)

This S125 badge is done tastefully and stands out in the orange background

Vespa S125 (11)

This logo says Vespa S

Vespa S125 (13)

The engine is a smooth refined unit and makes 10.06PS of power

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