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2015 Geneva Motor Show: Nissan Sway image gallery

03 Mar 2015 / 0

Nissan’s compact hatchback at the Geneva Motor Show hints at the Japanese carmaker’s design language for its future compact cars. Going by that, Nissan’s future hatches will be all about swooping lines, floating rooflines and space-age colour schemes. Scroll down for more details on this radical design from Nissan.

The exterior, meanwhile, blends four highly distinctive elements like the V-motion grille, floating roof, boomerang lamps and kicked-up C-pillar  to shape a new design signature

The exterior features the V-motion grille, floating roofline, boomerang-shaped headlamps and an elevated C-pillar


The Sway's character line begins with the V-motion grille, mounted low at the front between twin V-shaped quarter bumpers.

The V-motion grille flanked by the twin V-shaped quarter bumpers characterise the Nissan Sway’s front. Note LEDs inside the boomerang-shaped headlights


Nissan's new design language is the floating roof, which is expressed this time by a panoramic glass roof

The Nissan Sway gets a panoramic glass roof 


The interior uses a darker, deeper blue, with high contrasting ivory and orange colours matching the exterior to give a sense of unity to the car.

Nissan has used a darker, deeper blue, with sharply contrasting ivory and orange inside the Sway to complement the exterior


Sway has been designed to shake up the compact hatchback segment. With its swooping lines, striking nose, elegantly simple interior and bold use of sophisticated colours, the concept is a daring and emotional design.

Swooping lines, a striking nose and bold colour schemes make the Nissan Sway concept a radical looking design


The signature boomerang tail-lights are equally dramatic, dissecting the rear three-quarter elements of the car. Twin trapezoidal exhaust pipes emerge from either side of the registration plate housing towards the middle of the rear section rather than underneath the bumper.

Striking elements on the rear include the signature boomerang tail lights and the twin trapezoidal exhaust pipes emerging from either side of the registration plate housing 

OVERDRIVE captures the Nissan Sway in the flesh at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show



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