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2015 IOMTT: Races rescheduled due to bad weather

07 Jun 2015 / 0

There was no racing today at the Isle of Man owing to extreme weather conditions that led to a helicopter crash on the island. The parade lap, qualifying sessions and the races were called off as strong winds over the mountain course made it infeasible for the medical helicopter to cover the section. The decision to cancel the sessions was announced by the Clerk of The Course at 1:30 pm GMT.

Spell of bad weather continues at the Isle of Man

Spell of bad weather continues at the Isle of Man

The Superbike TT was about to take place in the morning and spectators were eager to witness the thrilling battle between John McGuinness, Bruce Anstey (who topped the final practice session), Ian Hutchinson and Michael Dunlop. However, with the weather playing spoil sport, the wait will be excruciating as the race has now been postponed to Sunday.

The weather was expected to improve towards the evening but conditions were not conducive to go racing and hence the Sidecars couldn’t take to the track either.

The provisional schedule for 2015 Isle Of Man TT is as follows (All times in GMT)


12.45pm – Roads close Barrule Park, Ramsey to Bungalow
1.00pm – Roads Close Bungalow to Creg Ny Baa
1.30pm – Roads Close rest of the course
2.00pm – RST Superbike Race (6 Laps) – Start List
4.20pm – RST Parade lap
4.50pm – Roads open except Mountain section
5.50pm – Roads open around the course

Please Note
Following feedback from riders that they would prefer the faster Superstock machines to run in the morning and the slower Supersport machines to run in the evening when the sun is lower, the RL360 Superstock race will now take place at 10.45 on Monday 8th June and the Monster Energy Supersport Race 1 at 6.30pm on Monday 8th June.
9.15am – Roads close Barrule Park, Ramsey to Bungalow
9.30am – Roads close Bungalow to Creg-ny-baa
10.00am – Roads close rest of the course
10.45am – RL360° Superstock Race (4 laps)
2.00pm – Sure Sidecar Race 1 (3 laps)
3.45pm – TT Zero qualifying (1 lap)
5.00pm to 6.00pm Roads open around the Course
6.00pm – Roads closed
6.30pm – Monster Energy Supersport Race 1
9.00pm – Roads open

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