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2016 Auto Expo: Hyundai HND-14 Carlino concept

03 Feb 2016 / 1
Assistant Editor, Overdrive Digital

One of the most important concepts at the 2016 Auto Expo has to be the HND-14 Carlino from Hyundai. It previews a new compact SUV that Hyundai intends to build for India. The design theme is portrays is that of a sharper looking SUV than Hyundai’s current line up and retains all the key design elements of a Hyundai, like the hexagonal grille for example. The Carlino looks butch with its angular wheel wells, trapezoidal character lines over the wheel arches and the boxy airdams. The shape of the taillights could remind you of the Grand i10 or the Xcent, in a way, hinting towards the design direction that the SUV will follow.

Hyundai Carlino HND14 (2)

No word yet on what platform will underpin this compact SUV – Grand i10 or the Elite i20. In all likelihood, it will be the latter. Our guess is as good as yours on when this car will see a production shape, but late 2017 to mid 2018 is our bet.

Hyundai Carlino HND14 (1)

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