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2016 Auto Expo: Renault Eolab concept to be an eco tech showcase

01 Feb 2016 / 0

The government of India is trying in a big way to push through eco friendly automobiles and several manufacturers are trying their best to avail of these benefits. Globally Renault is one of the foremost promoters of eco friendly vehicles and back in September 2014 they revealed one of their prime movers in this regard, the Eolab concept. Basically a large hatchback the Eolab is a plug-in hybrid that Renault claims could deliver close to a 100kmpl fuel efficiency.

Renault Eolab

Renault will showcase this ground breaking concept at the 2016 Auto Expo. It showcases several ground breaking technologies, key among them will be the 1.0-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine producing 76Ps of max power paired to a 54PS electric motor.

The Eolab is constructed using a combination of steel, aluminium, composites and roof made entirely of magnesium. This brings the total weight of the car to just under a 1000kilos. It’s also got adjustable ride height that helps reduce drag. It’s even got aero wheels, where the spokes shut the wheel openings to improve aerodynamics when in full efficiency mode.

While the Eolab is not projected to go into production, lessons learnt from it are expected to filter down to production Renaults by 2020. It’s an interesting concept that must definitely not be missed if you’re trawling through the Auto Expo at Greater Noida.

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