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2016 IOMTT: Michael Dunlop sets new race and lap record

06 Jun 2016 / 0

On the inaugural day of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, Michael Dunlop on his BMW S1000RR managed two blazing sub-17 minute laps, setting a new world record. The new lap record stands at 16min 58.254 sec and mark’s the Irishman’s 12th Isle of Man success.

Racing in the RST Superbike category, Dunlop’s overall race record of six laps stands at 1h 44min 14.259sec thrashing the previous race record by a meaty 1min 15.643sec. Continuing with his streak of breaking records he even achieved the highest speed till date of 133.393mph on his second lap.

michael-dunlop Isle of man TT (1)

Michael Dunlop on his way to his record breaking lap during the RST Superbike TT

Ian Hutchinson landed the second place trailing 19 seconds behind Dunlop on the 38 mile Snaefell Mountain Course and John McGuinness settled for third.

Soon after Michael Dunlop’s blistering record breaking first race of 2016 Isle Of Man TT, events started to go unfavourably downhill. It turned into a rather gloomy afternoon with two fatal accidents on the very first day.

After Dunlop’s Superbike race ended, the Sidecar race started, but was red flagged on the very first lap of the 38 mile Snaefell Mountain Course. Australian racer Dwight Beare, 27, had suffered a fatal crash at Rhencullen, while his passenger Benjamin Binns had a fractured ankle.

Beare was racing for Clive Coates Racing, with the No.26 LCR. He has been participating in the race for the past two years along with his father Noel Beare and has had a career best of 12th position in the 2014 Sure Sidecar TT 2 race.

After the race ended with a restart, practice session for superstock, supersport and lightweight categories were conducted. That was also red flagged very soon due to an accident. Authorities confirmed that British racer Paul Shoesmith, 50, had suffered a fatal crash on Sulby Straight. Paul was racing for Ice Valley Four Anjels on his No. 35 Kawasaki. He has been a veteran in the races with his first appearance in 2005 and then every year since.


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