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2016 Verona Motorcycle Show: Ducati XDiavel draXter concept unveiled

26 Jan 2016 / 0

We’ve always maintained that among the bikes that you do not want to see coming for you in your rear view mirror, the Diavel is one of the meanest. It is an Italian motorcycle that has thrown out the well cut suit and has picked up a sawed off shotgun. But now, Ducati has taken that level of ferocity up a notch with the draXter concept that was just unveiled at the Verona Motorcycle Show.

Ducati Draxster (2)


Ducati Draxster (1)

Designed and executed by the Advanced Design area of the Ducati Design Centre, the motorcycle is a sporty interpretation of the XDiavel. And in keeping with that, the motorcycle uses a whole bunch of parts borrowed from the Panigale.


As the name suggests, the draXter is an XDiavel that is meant to be used at the dragstrip. So it gets footpegs set all the way back to where the pillion pegs usually are, clip-ons that make your nose point straight to the black top and a slick rear tyre from Pirelli that is fat enough to serve dinner on. It also gets Ohlins suspension and Brembo brake components from the Panigale as well as a Tremignoni exhaust system that you can easily fit your head inside.

Production scope? Very slim. It seems like something that Ducati has done to make a statement and will most likely remain just that. Doesn’t stop you from making posters and salivating over them though.

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