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2017 Ford Figo Sports image gallery

20 Apr 2017 / 0

While the focus on cars in India has primarily been on fuel efficiency, there are a few mainstream car manufacturers trying to offer something different and exciting. Ford has also decided to enter the performance segment with its new offerings, Aspire Sports and Figo Sports. The Ford Figo Sports 1.2 petrol is priced at Rs 6.31 lakh while the Aspire petrol starts from 6.50 lakh, ex-Delhi. The diesel Figo is priced at Rs 7.21 lakh and the Aspire at Rs 7.60 lakh. We have already driven the 2017 Ford Figo Sports, read out detailed first drive review here.  Scroll below to see the images of the Figo Sports.

Ford Figo Sports (4)

The Figo Sports features a honeycomb grille and smoked-finish headlights


Ford Figo Sports (3)

The Figo Sports gets a black roof, ORVMs, new and larger black alloys with the special S decals


Ford Figo Sports (6)

Ford has also added a spoiler to the Figo Sports


Ford Figo Sports (5)


2017 Ford Figo (21)

The Figo Sports comes in Titanium trim, sitting below the top end Titanium+ trim


2017 Ford Figo (13)

It gets a leather wrapped steering wheel


2017 Ford Figo (16)

Look at the red detailing on the leather gear stick cover as well as on the steering wheel


2017 Ford Figo (23)

The Sports range can be optioned with a 100PS/215Nm 1.5-litre diesel or a 88PS/112Nm 1.2-litre petrol engines


Ford Figo Sports (10)

The suspension setup has been made stiffer by reducing the height of the springs.


2017 Ford Figo (14)

The Sports editions continue to offer a practical package but they now raise the dynamics factor thanks to a slightly more fun suspension setup


Ford Figo Sports (1)

The Figo Sport continues to feels stable even at higher speeds and even though setup stiffer, the suspension does not allow much recoil or jumpiness


2017 Ford Figo (26)

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