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2017 Nexa P1 Powerboat Championship: Team Baleno RS Boosterjets win overall title

Sam and Daisy Coleman win final race for a clean-sweep victory

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Team Baleno RS Boosterjets, after accumulating the most points over the weekend, have been crowned the champions of the 2017 Nexa P1 Powerboat, Indian Grand Prix of the Seas. The first boat driven and navigated by Sam and Daisy Coleman, managed a hat trick after three races, including today’s grand finale. This gave them a total of 60 points. Their team-mates in the other boat, CS Santosh and Martin Robinson, finished eighth today, and had a total of 29 points.

Nexa P1 Powerboat Racing Day 2

Finishing second overall by two points was team Lloyd Dolphins with 87 points. Craig Wilson and William Enriquez finished second today while their team-mates, Stuart and Sara Cureton took fifth. The Money on Mobile Marlins took third overall with 79 points. James Norvill and Christian Parsons-Young finished third today, while team-mates Glynn and Lee Norvill finished sixth in the final race.

Gaurav Gill took ninth place today, but had a bit of bad luck. He was actually in line to take third place, but a broken engine mount halfway through the race forced him to slow down and fall back.

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