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50,000 Renault Kwids recalled in India to fix a faulty fuel hose

12 Oct 2016 / 0

Renault India has initiated a recall for its highly popular Kwid compact car. The company will be adding a clip to the fuel hose of the affected cars. At the same time, the cars will be checked to see if the entire fuel system is working smoothly or not. Renault will only be looking at fixing the Kwid 0.8l variants manufactured until May 18, 2016.  The recently launched 1.0l models arent affected by the recall. Earlier this year, there were rumours of Renault India recalling the Kwid for issues with too many vibrations to the engine. However, the company had denied the same.


The Kwid is Renault India’s cash cow and has been selling well over 8,000 units a month with waiting periods extending up to five months. Renault India has ramped up production significantly, however, the waiting periods continue. In comparison, the same CMF-A based Datsun redi-Go has been selling in moderate numbers. A few dealers we spoke with confirmed that many of the Kwid 0.8l customers have migrated to the new 1.0l trim which is hardly Rs 20,000 more but promises a more peppy drive.

Renault Kwid (2)

Showcased at the Auto Expo 2014 as an outrageous concept, the Renault Kwid has an SUV styling in a hatchback’s body. It also features the first touchscreen infotainment system in the segment which also has navigation function in it. The 5-seater also rides and handles well and is also reasonably spacious. It also won our small car comparo wherein it contested with the Maruti Alto 800 and its cousin, the redi-Go.

In the coming days, Renault is expected to launch the all-new Koleos in India. There will also be the Kwid 1.0l AMT also in the pipeline as well as several customisation options for the car.


Update: Datsun India has also confirmed that 932 units of the redi-Go are also been recalled to fix the same problem. The changes will be carried out with no extra cost to the customer.

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