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Aprilia SR 150: 5 things we love and 3 we don't

26 Sep 2016 / 10
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So much excitement, so much wow! I was so so excited to go ride the Aprilia SR 150 at the launch eventΒ in Coimbatore but as you know now, Rishaad Mody got to go ride the new Aprilia SR150. We had been excited about the SR since it was revealed at the 2016 Auto Expo,Β but to not get to ride the Aprilia SR 150? Aargh. To make it worse, Mody came back raving and that did not help at all. The word ‘finally’ – which Indian enthusiasts use a lot apart from sighing liberally – was used a lot in the context of the scooter market.

In any case, as I’ve maintained for a while, the homogeneity of the products in the scooter market in India is bewildering. How can 31 per cent of the entire market demand nothing but the same scooter endlessly? We believe the scooter market will evolve in product terms and the Aprilia SR150 is the first proper enthusiasts’ scooter.

Aprilia SR 150

But all that is behind us now. I’ve just spend the whole day wandering around Mumbai on a claggy, muggy, rainy day and after 75km of SR-ing about here are five things I liked about the new Aprilia and three things I didn’t. Since I won’t be discussing the specs – see Mody’s story for the details – let me just get the basics out of the way.

The Aprilia is powered by a 154.4cc, air-cooled, carbureted single-cylinder engine that develops 11.6PS and 11.5Nm. This is shared with the Vespa 150, but Piaggio says gearing has been changed to suit the role of the scooter. At 122kg, the Aprilia is no featherweight but it does get a delicious chassis spec. The headliners are the gorgeous 14-inch wheels and then there’s the disc up front. The price is RsΒ 65,000 ex-showroom, Mumbai. The on-road price is Rs 80,000. Meanwhile, the Honda Activa 3G is priced at Rs 61,551 and the Vespa 150 at Rs 97,201, on-road. Β Why are we comparing the SR to the Activa and the V150? We are not. We are just setting a frame so you can grasp the pricing.

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