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Audi India halts Q5 sales and production over excessive emission

29 Sep 2016 / 0

Audi has temporarily stopped the production and sale of the Q5 SUV in India. The automaker took this decision as the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) found the emissions of the Audi Q5 were higher than the permissible limits. According to a Times of India report, during testing ARAI found the Q5 was emitting a higher amount of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx). This was happening as air was getting trapped into the coolant system of the Q5 SUV.

The luxury carmaker has recalibrated the software and the issue has been resolved with ARAI. The company will be introducing an updated version which is expected to reach showrooms by the end of November. As a precautionary measure, the carmaker has stopped sales of the Q5 in India. Its dealers have also stopped accepting bookings.

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An Audi spokesperson said that the concern raised by ARAI regarding the Q5 was investigated and subsequently the issue was resolved. ARAI found the emissions of the vehicles with the recalibrated software to be well within the emission limits. The report said that a company official has clarified that the Q5 emission issue in India not related to the dieselgate scandal.

This month Volkswagen India began its dieselgate recall with the last-generation Skoda Superb which was discontinued in 2015. In the US and Europe, Volkswagen AG is facing multiple lawsuits for its 2.0-litre EA 189 diesel engine which was equipped with an emissions cheating defeat device. The defeat device was also found on the 3.0-litre V6 TDI engine which powers Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche models.

Source: Times of India

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