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Audi to launch A3 sedan in India today

07 Aug 2014 / 0

Audi India will be launching the new A3 sedan on August 7. Touted as Audi’s most affordable car in the country, the A3 is expected to be priced at par with the Mercedes-Benz B-Class and BMW 1 Series.

While it may be one of the more reasonably priced Audi’s in India, it doesn’t compromise on standards set by the German carmaker, at least as far as the interiors are concerned. There is a lot of equipment on offer and the features don’t leave you wanting for more. The new A3 also comes packed with a roomier cabin, giving its contenders some serious competition.


Audi will offer the A3 sedan in petrol and diesel engine configurations. The 180PS 1.8 TFSI engine and the 143PS diesel which have also powered the A4, come mated with automatic transmissions.

The new A3 will be the first car to bear Audi’s revised nomenclature in India.


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