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Audi TT Offroad to hit production, likely to be christened TTQ

27 Jan 2015 / 1

When Audi showed off the Allroad, TT Offroad and TT Sportback concepts over the last two years, it was clear that the blokes at Igolstadt had plans to expand the TT line-up beyond the current offering which only includes a coupe and a convertible. But the Allroad and Sportback have been given the boot already, both for the same reason – lack of justifiable cabin space.

The Audi TT Sportback concept, TT coupe and the TT Offroad concept

The TT Offroad concept, however, boasts the same footprint as the Q3 and promises enough room for occupants and their cargo. Meanwhile the coupe-ish design gives it enough distinction to exist alongside the Q3. Think BMW X3 and X4.


The production-spec TT Offroad is still a couple of years away and is likely to be called the TTQ. Since Fiat owns rights to the Q2 and Q4 tags, thanks to the cars that go by those names in the Alfa Romeo stable, Audi will either have to rake up a huge sum to buy the rights, or come up with a new nomenclature altogether for its upcoming coupe crossovers.

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