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Ceat launches Milaze range of tyres for scooters

31 Mar 2015 / 0

Ceat Limited has just launched its new range of tyres for scooters, christened the Milaze range. The company says that the new tyres offer improved load carrying capacity and high fuel efficiency.
The tyres are available in two sizes, 3.50-10 TT  and 90/100-10 TT.
(Read our Simple Tech story on tyre labelling and nomenclature to figure out what this means)CEAT_Milaze_Scooter Tyre
Ceat says that the Milaze tyre is designed to cater to the needs of customers who use scooters to haul heavy loads on a daily basis. This is courtesy of the high bead strength and flatter tread profile, says Ceat.

The company also adds that on wet roads, the deep grooves on the shoulder of the tyre expel water efficiently and hence provide good grip.

CEAT Launches Milaze Tyres for Scooters in India

Mumbai, 30 March2015: Leading Indian tyre manufacturer CEAT Ltd today, announced the launch of its new range of Milaze Tyres that is focused towards catering to the scooter segment of two-wheelers in India. Available in sizes3.50-10 TT and 90/100-10 TT, the tyre offers an improved load carrying capacity with high mileage and will be available in key markets across India.

Milaze tyre is specifically designed to suit the need of business community using scooters for day-to-day business. With a high bead strength and flatter tread profile, the tyre offers improved load carrying capacity. A higher NSD (non-skid depth) coupled with the flatter tread profileprovides a better tyre life. The presence of sturdy blocks with sipes in the tyres make it excellent in providing good traction and uniform wear, and the deep shoulder grooves ensure excellent water pumping on wet surfaces.

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