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Champol range of lubricants now available in India

06 Jun 2016 / 0

The Champol range of engine fluids is now available in India, for a wide array of engines. Manufactured by the Lubz Corporation, the range consists of engine coolants, engine oils and gear oils. The range is available at a very attractive price point as well.

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Champol coolants have been designed to work primarily in a warm temperate climate like that in India, providing rust protection, reducing friction on water pumps and seals, and corrosion protection for aluminium engines. The coolant is also made of a non-petroleum formulation that is eco-friendly. A litre of coolant sells for Rs 210.Champol Lubricants (5)

Champol engine oils have a working capacity of 18,000km in cars, trucks and buses, while lasting 500 hours for tractors and generators. The engine oil provides extra protection from wear and tear during startup, high load conditions and varying temperature conditions. A litre of engine oil costs Rs 270.

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The Champol range of gear oils provide excellent protection to car transmissions by providing wear protection to the gears, as well as attaining optimum performance. A litre of Champol gear oil sells for Rs 270.

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