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Delhi government bans retrofitting CNG conversion kits in cars

27 Jun 2016 / 0

The transport department of the Delhi government has issued an order banning retrofitting CNG/LPG conversion kits in cars which are already plying on the roads. The government has taken this decision after receiving complaints about uncertified CNG kits being fitted by unauthorised dealers to make a quick buck. Following this government order, the authorised CNG conversion kit dealers in Delhi have already stopped selling or installing these kits.

Maruti Celerio Green CNG (2)

Those CNG conversion kits that haven’t been tested by the authorities can be hazardous to use. CNG  is flammable and these dubious quality kits can result in loss of life and property in an accident. In order to end the sale of these uncertified and untested kits, the Delhi transport department has asked Motor Licensing Officers to not register vehicles that have been retrofitted with unapproved CNG kits.

The CNG tank will compromise on the Stile's luggage space

The Delhi government has commented that this ban will be in place until the government completes an internal inquiry. However, the government has declined to mention the timeline when the inquiry is expected to be completed. Vehicles that come with factory-fitted CNG kits are naturally exempt from this ban.

Maruti Celerio Green CNG (10)

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