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Didn't make the list for the new Ford GT? The Superformance GT40 is for you

31 May 2016 / 0

Ford has earlier announced that it will only manufacture a limited 500 of its new-generation Ford GT to be sold over a period of two years. Following that announcement, the company received a humble figure of around 6,500 enquiries. To the rescue of all those who did not get selected, Le Mans Coupes Ltd. will be supplying a Superformance GT40 at a fraction of the price of the new GT.

Superformance GT40

Le Mans Coupes Ltd. is a UK-based company which builds, imports and sells iconic supercars of yesteryears. Its cars are legit manufacturer-sanctioned replicas with as much as 70 per cent parts replaceable with the originals. Its current product line-up includes the Superformance MKIII (Shelby Cobra replica), Corvette Grand Sport, Superformance GT40 and Shelby Daytona Cobra.

Superformance GT40 (1)

Now a majority of the prospective customers who feel dejected as not being a part of the buyers list may look towards the Superformance GT40 as a good substitute. The MKI and MKII models of the GT40 will be up for grabs in both left- and right-hand drive modes along with an array of choices among the powerplants (5.6L to 7L) with power outputs ranging from 430 to 560PS.

Nigel Hulme, MD, Le Mans Coupes commented that the interest in the GT40 has grown steadily since the model’s 50th anniversary celebration two years ago and has been further heightened by the launch of the new GT.

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