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Ducati Monster 821 image gallery

30 May 2014 / 0

After the successful launch of the Ducati Monster 1200 some time ago, the Italian manufacturer has announced a latest addition to this family- the new Monster 821.

Powered by the latest version of the Ducati’s 821 Testastretta 11°engine, the new Monster combines 114PS and 89.3Nm of torque with a low dry weight of 179.5 kg. Besides fully adjustable seat height, this new model has an 8-stage traction control, a 3-stage ABS and 3-stage ride-by-wire, which can be adjusted by simply pressing a button.

Bike will be available in several colors -a red version with red frame and black wheels, white design with red frame and matte red wheels, star white silk with red frame and matte red wheels. There will also be a dark version sporting a black frame with black wheels.

The following are pictures of the all new 2014 Ducati Monster 821.

1-01 Monster  821

The 2014 Ducati Monster 821

2-02 Monster 821

The dark stealth version of the Monster sports a black frame with black wheels

3-03 Monster 821

Both red and white liveries are equipped with color-matched single-seat covers

4-04 Monster 821

The model has a fully adjustable seat height

5-05 Monster 821

The 821 has a low dry weight of 179, 5 kg

6-07 Monster 821

The red frame with black wheels grants a bold look to this monster

7-08 Monster 821

The model is equipped with 8-stage traction control, a 3-stage ABS and 3-stage ride-by-wire

8-09 Monster 821

The latest edition of the Ducati is powered by the 821 Testastretta 11° engine

9-10 Monster 821

The model is now available to restricted license holders with the specially regulated power versions of 25kw for Switzerland and 35kw for other participating countries.

10-11 Monster 821

The engine combines 114PS and 89.3Nm of torque

11-12 Monster 821

The new model maintains its stylish character using the new chassis and muscular styling of the Monster 1200

12-13 Monster 821

The Monster 821 uses next generation technologies and delivers a high-adrenaline experience

Read more about the Ducati Monster 821 here

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