Event: Track Day July 9,10, Kari Motor Speedway - Overdrive

Event: Track day July 9,10, Kari Motor Speedway

01 Jun 2016 / 0

India’s first motorcycle riding and track day school, Throttle Wide Open (TWO) is back at the Kari Motor Speedway on July 9 and 10. TWO has instructors with over 20 years of riding experience and is one of the best places to learn how to ride fast and also to be safe. The TWO event is held over two days at the racetrack with a mix of classroom and practical sessions on the track. You can read both Rishabh and Rishaad’s experiences at the TWO school for a better understanding of the benefits that can be gleaned through this school.

Shumi and Anand, the man behind Indimotard draw the basics of the racing line

Shumi and Anand, the man behind Indimotard draw the basics of the racing line


Unfortunately, the school has already been filled but you can still sign up for the open track day sessions that run on the same weekend. These seats go for  Rs 8,500 which is about Rs 5,000 less than the school fees. For that you get two days of access to the track in multiple sessions held when the school students are in class. The package includes the track time and lunch on both days. You need to get your own bike to the track but Indimotard does offer a transportation service for bikes to and from Bengaluru. Indimotard also has some bikes that can be hired out for the weekend but these are limited in number so you want to hurry there.

Track School TWo IndiMotard (101)


If you’ve missed signing up for the riding school book a slot for open track time now and prepare to be bitten by a bug that never lets go!

Head to Indimotard’s TWO website now!

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