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Ferrari launches the 488 GTB configurator

29 Apr 2015 / 0

Too much money?  Not a very common problem for most of us. But when you’re a billionaire, what do you do with all that money? How many villas can you buy? How many football teams can you sponsor? And then, there’s cars – an investment that we at OVERDRIVE wholeheartedly approve of. Perhaps get a G 63 for grocery shopping and a Rolls-Royce to ferry the kids to school – decisions, decisions.

Ferrari 488 GTP configurator

That’s where the configurator changes the game for Ferrari. The configurator is an online utility allowing potential Ferrari customers to specify every tiny detail on their new machines from the manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy. It’s not the car you buy after it catches your attention at the dealership. It’s the car that defines you. Where every detail is tweaked only to your requirements. It may not get as many hoots and smouldering looks as a Veyron or perhaps an Agera, but this car would be specially made for you. By you. Well, almost.

Ferrari 488 GTP configurator 2

You want your 488 GTB in a shade of green with a black roof? No problem. Don’t like your parking cameras? Throw them out. Fancy a hi-fi system? Sure, it’s all about that bass!

So in short, your customised Ferrari can have everything you personally want, and you can do all this comfortably while in your pyjamas, relaxing in your rotating bedroom on a Tuesday night.

Feel like customising your Ferrari? Check out the link below!

Build your own Ferrari 488 GTB


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