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Ford’s Camacari plant in Brazil starts production of ECOnetic flex-fuel engines

11 Apr 2014 / 0

Ford’s engine plant located at the Ford Northeast Industrial Complex in Camacari, Brazil has been inaugurated on April 9. This plant has started manufacturing the 1.0litre ECOnetic with dual-command TiVCT, three-cylinder, flex fuel engines.  This three cylinder engine will be powering Ford’s new range of hatchbacks and compact cars.

The plant employs 300 personnel who have received extensive training. Ford says that this plant will have an annual production capacity of 2,10,000 engines. The plant uses a central management system which connects all the equipments through Wi-Fi thus enabling online monitoring of quality control, production and maintenance. The environment temperature too can be remotely controlled due to this system. 34 machining centers co-exist with another 15 special units which serve the sole purpose of machining the engine head and block. A total of 40 robots and automatic part loaders complete the setup of the plant which in all, has cost Ford an investment of 1,100 crore rupees.

Ford Econetic engine

The plant will play a critical role in Ford’s expansion plans as the company plans to introduce 23 new vehicles all over the globe in 2014.

The 1.0litre Econetic engine is expected to power the Ford Figo sedan aka the Ka concept which will go on sale in a few months from now.

“The Camaçari Engine Plant is an integral part of Ford’s fastest and most ambitious global manufacturing expansion in 50 years,” said John Fleming, Ford’s executive vice president, Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs. “This year, Ford is embarking on the company’s most aggressive product launch cadence, introducing 23 new vehicles globally. This engine plant will help to support our manufacturing and product growth strategy.”

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