Gear And Gadgets: Pinlock Overlay, 1926 Ducati Fragrance, Ceat Fuel Smart Tyres, Rev’IT Discovery - Overdrive

Gear and gadgets: Pinlock Overlay, 1926 Ducati fragrance, Ceat Fuel Smart tyres, Rev'IT Discovery

26 Apr 2017 / 0

Pinlock Overlay

Gear & Gadget May 2017  (6)

This photochromatic overlay fits over the existing visor on your lid (the list of compatible helmets is on the Pinlock site) and quickly transitions from clear to smoke depending on ambient light.

Gear & Gadget May 2017  (5)
Price: Rs 7,200

Available at:

Pioneer TS-WX306T

Gear & Gadget May 2017  (2)

Pioneer’s tube-style encased subwoofer has a powerful output of 350W RMS. The company claims low weight and compact packaging.

Price: Rs 7,990

Available at:

Ceat Fuel Smart tyres

Gear & Gadget May 2017  (8)

Price: Rs 3,000-5,000

Available at:
These low-rolling resistance tyres claim to improve a vehicle’s efficiency by up to 7 per cent. Available in 13-15inch sizes for a range of vehicles.

1926 Ducati fragrance

Gear & Gadget May 2017  (9)

1926 is the year when Ducati was founded and it’s now the name of the brand’s new fragrance, made in partnership with Diamond International.
Price: TBA

Available at:

R&G Z900

Gear & Gadget May 2017  (1)

Protection expert R&G has released a range of crash protection for the new Kawasaki Z900, including frame sliders, case covers and more.

Price: Rs 3,500 onwards

Available at:


Rev’It Discovery

Gear & Gadget May 2017  (4)

The Discovery uses a Vibram sole, a steel-threaded Boa lacing system and an OutDry waterproof layer. Available soon at Highnote Performance.
Price: Rs 30,000 approx

Available at:

MMRT T-shirt

Gear & Gadget May 2017  (7)

The iconic MMRT outside Chennai is one of our favourite racetracks, and now you can have it on a T-shirt thanks to
Price: Rs 500

Available at:

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