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Anant Geete: Volkswagen cars exceed permissible emission values by nine times

18 Feb 2016 / 2

At the recently held Make in India week, Anant Geete, minister of Heavy Industries said that Volkswagen cars have been found to exceed the permissible emissions level by nine times. He also informed that the road transport ministry has been instructed to take necessary action against the German car manufacturer.

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The minster also claimed that Volkswagen will be initiating a recall. He said that the violation in the emission level was not found while testing in the factory but during the on-road testing. He added that VW has accepted using a similar cheat device on the Indian models like the one used in the international models to manipulate the emissions test results.

This update comes in contrast to VW’s stand where it clearly mentioned that all its portfolio models along with the ones sold under Skoda and Audi do not violate Indian emission norms. Also during the Volkswagen Ameo reveal, Jürgen Stackmann, board member, sales and marketing, Volkswagen clearly mentioned that VW cars in India do not have a ‘defeat device’. He also further said that they were complying with international practices of recalling their cars in India.

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