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Harley-Davidson recalls the Street 750 in India

27 Aug 2015 / 0

Just days after unveiling the updated Street 750 in India, the company is recalling the older-gen motorcycle to fix a defective fuel pump inlet seal. Units produced between May, 2014 and June, 2015 have been affected by this defect.

Harley Street 750 (13)

The official statement by the company says, “Harley-Davidson confirms that it has voluntarily recalled model year 2015 Harley-Davidson Street family vehicles, of which the XG750 model is available in India. We identified that some of the motorcycles may have a poor seal at the fuel pump inlet and announced the recall in the interest of customer safety. We are committed to correcting this issue and are working with our dealers in India to notify customers and request them to bring their motorcycles in for inspection.”

The recall has been issued globally and Harley-Davidson India will get in touch with its dealers to notify customers about the recall and request them to bring in their Street 750 for repairs.

The company has just updated the Street 750 and says that it has equipped the motorcycle with better brakes. Read more here.
Harley-Davidson unveil 2016 range of motorcycles in India

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