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Helpdesk: Buying a used Skoda Octavia vRS in India

16 Jan 2016 / 1

A Skoda Octavia vRS is for sale and I’m tempted to buy it in Jaipur. The car is a 2006 model and has clocked 69,000km. I have always liked the Octavia more than the Laura for its tank-like build. The sheer thrill of driving this car is unmatched by the latter too. The car is available for Rs 3.50 lakh. Is it worth the money? Are spares easily available as I intend to keep it for a long time? Anything else I need to know?
Vijay Aditya Singh


2004 Skoda Octavia-vRS

2004 Skoda Octavia-vRS

The first generation Skoda Octavia vRS is a cult car. The resale value reduces every year so there are quite a few tempting deals in the market. However, post purchase, you will have to spend quite a bit on maintenance and replacement of parts. Most used Octavia vRS’ need a clutch replacement and that doesn’t come cheap. The driveshaft, suspension and power steering rack are expensive to replace too. Spares aren’t easily available but if you look around, there are a few importers who can procure OEM parts. Rs 3.5 lakh is more than the market value, you could probably negotiate further.

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