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Hero MotoCorp appoints Malo Le Masson as global product planning head

03 Jun 2016 / 0

Hero MotoCorp Ltd. has announced the appointment of Malo Le Masson as its head of global product planning. As a part of his new role, Malo will spearhead the company’s entire product planning for its global as well as the Indian market.

Prior to joining Hero MotoCorp, Mato Le Masson held the position of global head of product long-term strategy at Infiti Motor Company since 2013. He has worked with the company in numerous projects and product planning roles involving global as well as European markets. He is accredited with the concept of the new-generation Nissan Micra to be presented later this year, along with the development and launch of the Nissan Juke and Nissan Leaf in Europe, as well as management of the entire B platform Nissan cars for Europe.

Malo Le Masson1

Malo has also gained expertise across roles like project management, competitive analysis, strategy analysis, business planning, market analysis pricing, product marketing and electric vehicles engineering.

Commenting on the new appointment, Pawan Munjal, chairman, managing director and CEO, Hero MotoCorp, said, “We are taking giant strides in our journey towards becoming a truly global company, and with the appointment of Malo in this core function, we have taken a decisive step towards aligning our future product development to our overall corporate strategy. With his extensive global experience and varied expertise, I’m sure Malo will take our global product planning into the next logical level in delivering technologically superior products for our customers across geographies.”

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