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Honda Amaze 1.2 S MT Plus CNG launched in India at Rs 6.53 lakh

12 Feb 2015 / 0

The launch of the Honda Amaze CNG was in the pipeline for quite a while. In fact, it was wasn’t going to be hitting showrooms until a few weeks later, according to Honda’s comments at the launch of the new trims last month.

The CNG variant, the 1.2 S MT Plus is now in showrooms and is priced at Rs 6.53 lakh, ex-Delhi. This new variant will have the CNG kit fitted at the dealership and then delivered to the customer. The break-up of the cost is Rs 5.99 lakh for the car and Rs 54,315 for the CNG kit. Honda will be levying extra charges for the CNG endorsement on the RC book.

Honda Amaze

Honda uses the refined 1.2-litre i-Vtec petrol motor in the Amaze CNG. The motor makes 88PS and 109Nm when it sips petrol. The CNG variant is available only with the 5-speed manual transmission. Expect the CNG-equipped Amaze to deliver a fuel efficiency of 22-23km/kg.

A CNG variant of the City was also made available by Honda, but with the launch of the 2014 car, that variant has been discontinued.

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