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Hyundai Motor India inaugurates its first digital showroom

26 Feb 2016 / 0

Hyundai Motor India ltd (HMIL) has inaugurated it’s first digital automotive experience outlet in New Delhi. The Unity Hyundai outlet is the carmaker’s first digital showroom in India. Unlike regular showrooms, the Hyundai digital experience outlet has no real cars on display. Instead it will allow prospective buyers to experience Hyundai cars virtually.

This digital showroom concept has been introduced by Hyundai globally. It offers prospective new car buyers a unique experience through realistic 3D screens and floor-to-ceiling video walls. Apart from virtually experiencing cars at a 1:1 scale, they can also personalize their buy by choosing from the available options.

Hyundai Digital Experience Outlet 2

Speaking on the occasion, Y K Koo, managing director, HMIL, said “Hyundai has the customers truly at its heart. This outlet expresses Hyundai’s modern premium brand identity. Unity Hyundai is India’s first interactive, creative and understanding space which boosts the Hyundai brand value by creating an emotional connect with the existing and future customers. The key drivers for the success of Unity Hyundai – digital experience outlet will be evolution, innovation and experience. This exciting new digital outlet from Hyundai exemplifies these themes to create a unique experience.”

Hyundai Digital Experience Outlet

The digital showroom will also have sales representatives to assist buyers with all product related queries. Like any typical new car showroom, buyers can exchange their old car and drive out with a new Hyundai.

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