Image Gallery: 2015 Audi Q3 - Overdrive

Image gallery: 2015 Audi Q3

02 Dec 2014 / 0

For its mid lifecycle refresh, the Q3 gets some cool new features and updated styling. There is also a new pattern for the daytime running lamps as well as the headlamps themselves. While the base model gets Xenon, the top end ones receive LED lighting. Inside the cabin, the steering system, MMI and the instrument cluster have undergone a change. Power has been increased to 181PS for the 2.0TDI motor while the there is a Quattro system on offer too.


The Q3 receives new styling, updated engines and a few more features



Look closely and you will notice that the front and rear end look slightly different, especially the face



The headlamps, for instance, are now LED powered while the standard model gets Xenon lighting instead of a regular halogen bulb. The signature parking and daylight running LEDs follow a new pattern that looks a lot more mean in the dark



Step inside and the cabin feels very similar to the current Q3. The only visible change is the new steering wheel, instrument cluster and the updated MMI system



The alloy wheel pattern is new and looks sportier as well



The Q3 is known to offer a good balance between ride and handling. The updated model retains this quality


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