Image Gallery: 2015 Ford Endeavour - Overdrive

Image gallery: 2015 Ford Endeavour

13 Nov 2014 / 2

Ford has just taken the covers off the new Endeavour. The SUV looks a lot more aggressive than before and a  few modern elements have been added to it. It still looks a typical big bad American muscle SUV. Ford has used beige inside the cabin which gets some more features. We’re not sure if these will be available in the Indian version (which will be sold as the Everest). Ford is looking to launch this SUV in India by mid-2015. New engines will be available as well.

Images of the new SUV are out – we wonder how much of this version will make it to the India-spec model.


The front looks aggressive and stays true to its concept form



The alloys are new, though the side profile resembles the previous model



The new Endeavour now looks equipped to take on its Japanese competition, the Fortuner



Interiors have been updated and look modern now



Ford has added a lot of features to this cabin, however, how many of them make it to the Indian-spec SUV remains to be seen



Room in the middle row seems like it has been improved over the outgoing SUV

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