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Image gallery: 2016 Toyota Innova Crysta

30 Apr 2016 / 1

Toyota is all set to introduce the new Innova Crysta in the market, after a record setting run by the MPVs previous generation. The Toyota Innova has carved a name for itself in the Indian market, its bullet proof reliability setting a benchmark in the industry. It has ruled for over a decade and no other manufacturer has  managed to even come close to the sales the Innova posted, each month. Now, in this new 2016 avatar, the Innova Crysta will aim to carry on the legacy of its predecessor. Toyota has managed to give it a better looking shape and loaded it with features to cater to the demands. There are plenty of storage spaces in the MPV and the interior is a far cry from the predecessor’s. Take a look at the Innova Crysta in images and see how India’s favourite MPV has evolved. Also, read our 2016 Toyota Innova Crysta first drive review here.


Toyota Innova Crysta 08

The Innova Crysta looks a lot more premium when compared to its predecessor both inside and out

Toyota Innova Crysta 03

The overall length has increased by 180mm, mostly in the longer overhangs – the wheelbase hasn’t changed.

Toyota Innova Crysta 05

Large tail lamp makes the rear end look a bit narrower though the vehicle’s width has increased by 80mm

Toyota Innova Crysta 07

The sides are rather flat and there aren’t many definition lines

Toyota Innova Crysta 09

The large front grille is part of the new Toyota family face and follows a hexagonal pattern

Toyota Innova Crysta 10

The large headlamps house projector headlights. The chrome strips inside the lamp neatly flow into the upper section of the front grille like we’ve seen in the Corolla

Toyota Innova Crysta 11

The major part of the sharply styled tail lamps are horizontally placed but there’s also a V-shaped unit flowing downwards that houses the indicators

Toyota Innova Crysta 12

Toyota Innova Crysta 16

Large 17-inch wheels are offered standard in the top variants

Toyota Innova Crysta

The multi-layered cockpit features quality materials that have been incorporated very well

Toyota Innova Crysta 18

Leather wrapped steering wheel looks premium

Toyota Innova Crysta 24

The infotainment system includes comprehensive trip information

Toyota Innova Crysta 26

Auto headlamps are very useful

Toyota Innova Crysta 25

Push button start stop will feature in the top variant

Toyota Innova Crysta 27

Power driver seat adjust makes it easy to set a comfortable driving position

Toyota Innova Crysta 23

7-inch infotainment touchscreen takes up the centre section, while the climate control switches sit below, angled up towards the occupants

Toyota Innova Crysta 22

300-litre boot is same as before

Toyota Innova Crysta 30

The cabin continues to be spacious but offers more comfort. Note ambient lighting on the roofliner

Toyota Innova Crysta 31

The Crysta offers upto 22 bottle holders, each door pad can hold three full size bottles

Toyota Innova Crysta 32

Bottle holders for the middle row passengers can be folded away neatly

Toyota Innova Crysta 33

Foldable tray serves as a snack table or a mobile work bench

Toyota Innova Crysta 34

Faux wood adds to the premium cabin

Toyota Innova Crysta 36

Toyota Innova Crysta 35

Pop holders can not only hold cups but also a bottle. The Ac vents help cool the contents in less than an hour

Toyota Innova Crysta 28

Toyota Innova Crysta 21

All-new 2.4 -litre GD with MT and 2.8-litre GD engine with AT make their debut in India

Toyota Innova Crysta 20

The 5-speed manual transmission has well-spaced ratios and makes good use of the torque on offer


Images by Suresh Narayanan

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