Image Gallery: 2016 Yamaha MT-03 - Overdrive

Image gallery: 2016 Yamaha MT-03

25 Jun 2016 / 1

The Yamaha R3 is an incredibly sweet motorcycle, one that we’re very fond of. The MT-03 is essentially the same bike but with minimal bodywork and more comfortable, upright ergonomics. Under the MT-03’s minimal and angular bodywork resides the same high revving 42PS parallel twin engine that displaces 321cc. We do expect Yamaha to launch the MT-03 in India at some point but there is no clarity on when this will happen. Expect it to be priced Rs 20,000-30,000 cheaper than the R3. hopefully Yamaha won’t make the same glaring omission like the did with the R3 and offer this bike with ABS, at least as a choice

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (12)

Upright riding position should be more practical than the R3’s mild crouch

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (10)

Silver and blue colour scheme is now a trademark on the MT series

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (6)

This particular bike features a larger optional fly screen

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (5)

Minimal body work, but well executed and this bike should be quite the eye catcher

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (11)

The Yamaha R3 is a stable, confidence inspiring and entertaining handler. We expect nothing less from the MT-03

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (7)

Like with the R3, the Yamaha MT-03 comes with tow colour schemes.

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (8)

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (9)

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (13)

Aftermnarket options include this smart metal chain cover

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (15)

An aftermarket tail tidy reduces visual bulk at the rear

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (14)

Expect the Yamaha MT-03 to produce a much sweeter note with this aftermarket carbonfibre Akrapovic end can

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (1)

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (2)

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (3)

2016 Yamaha MT 03 (4)

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