Image Gallery: 2017 Audi TT RS - Overdrive

Image gallery: 2017 Audi TT RS

03 May 2016 / 0

Audi recently took the wraps off the TT RS, the most powerful TT ever made. It uses a new 2.5-litre turbocharged five cylinder engine that makes 400PS and 480NM. Audi claims a 0-100kmph run in just 3.7s for the hard top and 3.9s for the convertible. That is supercar baiting performance! There is no word if and when the TT RS will come to India just yet but we really hope it does. Till then, scroll down for more.

Audi TT RS (10)

Aggressive bodywork helps the TT RS stand out as a true RS model


Audi TT RS (17)


Audi TT RS (1)

The TT RS is quite a compact car and should be a complete riot with so much power


Audi TT RS (14)


Audi TT RS (9)

A diffuser housing large twin exhausts hints at the power on tap


Audi TT RS (15)

Both hardtop and convertible options are on offer


Audi TT RS (6)

A cut-away view of the how the front engine, all-wheel drive TT works


Audi TT RS (7)

The turbocharged five-cylinder motor is now constructed in an aluminium, helping reduce weight


Audi TT RS (12)

Similar cabin to the standard TT but with a new, sporty steering wheel


Audi TT RS (4)


Audi TT RS (8)


Audi TT RS (2)


Audi TT RS (13)


Audi TT RS (3)


Audi TT RS (16)


Audi TT RS (11)


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