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Image gallery: Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

24 Jun 2016 / 0

Aston Martin has had a long-standing relationship with Italian coach builder Zagato and now just as an indulgence for the super rich, the British luxury automaker has announced that it would be producing the Vanquish Zagato. The vehicle was earlier unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Italy in May 2016. This Zagato is the fifth Aston that has been revamped by the company and gets typical styling all around. A large front grille with ‘Z’ symbol embedded in them, a visor-like glasswork, round rear lights, premium interiors and that iconic double-bubble roof. Everything about the car screams luxury and beauty but in a very subtle manner. No doubt the car is a sight to behold but with only 99 cars worldwide, it is highly unlikely you will witness one on the road. That’s where we step in. Enjoy the image gallery.

Vanquish Zagato (8)

Breathtaking car against an equally mesmerising backdrop


Vanquish Zagato (7)

Proportions remain quintessential Aston Martin


Vanquish Zagato (6)

The Zagato gets an all carbon-fibre body


Vanquish Zagato (5)

The glasshouse wraps around the bodywork in the shape of a visor


Vanquish Zagato (4)

Zagato badging on the door sill


Vanquish Zagato (3)

Air vents on the bonnet get carbon-fibre treatment


Vanquish Zagato (2)

Doughnut-shaped fog lamps look quite quirky


Vanquish Zagato (1)

Air vents give the side profile a scooped look


Vanquish Zagato (19)

Trademark Zagato ‘Z’ badging on the sides


Vanquish Zagato (18)

Bladed LED treatment on the rear lights borrowed from the Vulcan


Vanquish Zagato (17)

Aston Martin logo gets a red treatment


Vanquish Zagato (16)

Interior gets carbon fibre along with anodised bronze treatment


Vanquish Zagato (15)

‘Z’ quilt pattern stitch on the seats and door sections


Vanquish Zagato (14)

Interiors are plush and rich, typical of Zagato


Vanquish Zagato (13)

Notice the iconic double-bubble roof. Introduced in the 1950s to accommodate racing helmets without hampering the aerodynamic profile


Vanquish Zagato (12)

The front grille has small ‘Z’ embedded in it


Vanquish Zagato (10)

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