Image Gallery: 2016 Datsun Redi-Go - Overdrive

Image gallery: 2016 Datsun redi-Go

26 Apr 2016 / 0
Datsun RediGo (18)

The redi-Go wears a more aggressive design theme than its stablemates

Datsun RediGo (10)

Compared to the Renault Kwid that the redi-Go shares its underpinnings with, the Datsun wears a more complex looking bodywork

Datsun RediGo (1)

The prominent line that isolates the rear wheel arch is the highlight of the side profile, but could polarise buyers

Datsun RediGo (17)

Compared to the aggressively front and sides, the rear end of the redi-Go is relatively simpler

Datsun RediGo (11)

The puny 13-inch wheels look a tad undersized for the muscular bodywork

Datsun RediGo (16)

Being a tallboy, the redi-Go was adequate for our in-house tallboy, Lijo. Under-thigh support not great for the long-legged

Datsun RediGo (15)

Driver side airbag will offered on the redi-Go

Datsun RediGo (13)

The redi-Go’s dash is a welcome change over its stablemates

Datsun RediGo (14)

The steering wheel is similar to the Go. The instrumentation, though similar in theme to the Go’s, gets different detailing


Datsun RediGo (8)

The hexagonal grille is large and imposing and instantly grabs attention

Datsun RediGo (9)

The redi-Go gets a generous 185mm ground clearance

Datsun Redi GO (1)

Read our initial driving impressions of the Datsun redi-Go in the link at the end of this article


Datsun RediGo (5)

No fog lights on the pre-production redi-Go that we shot. Could be offered as an option on the production model

Datsun RediGo (4)

Though shaper in its outer shape, the headlamps have detailing that will remind you of the Go/Go+

Datsun RediGo (3)

Minimal use of chrome on the redi-Go and we like that

Datsun RediGo (2)

The taillights are stubby, yet smart. Reversing lamp is provided only on the left hand side

Datsun Redi GO (4)

The redi-Go will be sold with plenty of customisation options. Seen here are the LED daytime running lamps

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