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Image gallery: Hero Splendor Pro Classic

29 Nov 2014 / 0

Hero’s Splendor Pro Classic is a single seater cafe racer which gets the familiar 100cc engine in its chassis. While the engine may have run millions of Splendors since its inception, the one in the Pro Classic has been tweaked to make nearly 1PS more. We have ridden the motorcycle and it feels faster than the regular Splendor. And the motorcycle is a delight to shoot as well. Don’t believe us? Here are some images of the Splendor Pro Classic from our photo shoot


Hero have taken a run of the mill Splendor and turned it into an enjoyable special little motorcycle that offers a huge dose of nostalgia



The motorcycle weighs less than many scooters and feels very agile and flickable in traffic

Hero Splendor Pro Classic


Faux chrome ring dials are simple but suit the motorcyle perfectly

Hero Splendor Pro Classic

Have a girlfriend? The Splendor Pro Classic then isn’t the ideal motorcycle for you


The engine is very torquey as well and is happy pottering around in top gear at anything about 25kmph


Run it hard and you’ll find that its also slightly quicker than the average 100cc automatic scooter and with a slight downhill you may even get to see 100kmph on the clocks.


It attracts a surprising amount of smiling faces

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