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Image gallery: Mercedes-Benz GLC

08 Jun 2016 / 0

Mercedes-Benz has finally launched the GLC in India and fills the gap between the GLA and the GLE. The SUV is available in two engine options and one trim level, the Edition 1. It gets a long list of features as standard, including an off-road package. The GLC is based on the C-Class sedan but larger in terms of footprint and on par with its SUV rivals. The SUV is even priced in between its siblings and among the best offerings in this segment. While you can read all about the car in our first drive review, scroll down for more images.

MercedesBenz GLC 01

The GLC is among the shorter SUVs in terms of height when compared to its rivals. The front bumper gets a lot of chrome detailing


MercedesBenz GLC 02

The silhouette is more estate like and quite obvious when viewed from this angle


MercedesBenz GLC 03

The rear-end is unlike any of the other Mercedes-Benz SUVs and looks quite unique. Note chrome detailing on rear bumper


MercedesBenz GLC 04

Horizontally placed split tail lamps are sleek and remind one of the C-Class Estate sold internationally


MercedesBenz GLC 05

India-spec GLCs get a standard off-road package, which also includes side steps and different bumpers


MercedesBenz GLC 06

18-inch alloy wheels are offered as standard


MercedesBenz GLC 07


MercedesBenz GLC 08


MercedesBenz GLC 09


MercedesBenz GLC 10

Twin-slat Mercedes-Benz front grille contrasts well and stands out


MercedesBenz GLC 11

LED lighting with projectors are offered standard. Note additional element above the DRL


MercedesBenz GLC 12

2,143cc diesel produces 170PS max power and 400Nm of peak torque


MercedesBenz GLC 13

GLC interior is built well and features quality materials


The dashboard reminds us of the C-Class, similar design and quality


MercedesBenz GLC 15

Rear kneeroom is impressive. A long wheelbase has aided in more space


MercedesBenz GLC 16


MercedesBenz GLC 17


MercedesBenz GLC 18


MercedesBenz GLC 19


The GLC 220d badging is the only distinguisher when compared to the petrol sibling

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