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Image gallery: Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer

19 May 2016 / 0

The Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer is a retro-styled motorcycle that uses an 853cc 90 degree V-twin that is longitudinally mounted in the frame, an engine style that is iconic to Moto Guzzi. The engine produces a relaxed 55PS@6,250rpm and 62Nm at a very low 3,000rpm. By the specifications, we expect this motorcycle will offer fantastic tractability and should be a great motor to tour on. The Roamer’s classic styling brings an upright riding position and what appears to be a fairly compact size which means this should be a pretty easy motorcycle to ride. We expect Moto Guzzi to bring the Roamer and its sibling, the Bobber, to India. The Roamer will be priced at the lower end of the exotic Italian brand’s range. Scroll down for all the images.

MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (2)

Clean, classic lines are what the Moto Guzzi Roamer is all about


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (5)

The Roamer cuts a sleek profile and doesn’t appear intimidatingly large


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (6)

Suspension is handled by simple upright forks and dual rear shocks


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (1)

MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (3)

A tear drop shaped tank, simple offset dial and the cylinder heads sticking out on either side – yummy!


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (13)

Air-cooled engine means no unsightly radiator sitting up front


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (12)

Shaft drive should make for smooth power delivery and lower maintenance. Traction control boosts safety


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (7)

A single 320mm disc with ABS handles braking duties


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (8)

Seat looks minimal but stylish!


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (4)


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (10)


MotoGuzzi V9 Roamer (11)

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