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Image Gallery : Porsche 911 GT3 RS 2016

17 Apr 2016 / 0

The Porsche 911 GT3 RS is the most extreme car the German brand makes this side of the 918 Spyder, which is now sold out. The GT3 RS sits at the very top of the track focused 911s and while it isn’t the most powerful 911 (that would be the 580PS 911 Turbo S) it is said to be the most capable around a race track. The GT3 RS uses large wings, splitters and ducts to ensure it manages airflow to generate maximum downforce for high speed grip around corners. Take a closer look at this wild machine below

911 GT3 RS

One look at that wild bodywork and its clear this car was born to rule the race track


Wrapped around those lovely wheels are super sticky Michelin Cup 2 tyres that are the widest ever on a 911, spanning 325/30 ZR21 at the rear



Easy ways to identify a GT3 are the scaffolding style rear wing and aggressive intakes on the front fenders



The huge rear wing is adjustable



The naturally aspirated, 500PS 4.0-litre flat six engine generates smiles all around!

Interieur 911 GT3 RS

The cabin is familiar 911 fare but with a lot of Alcantara trim, hinting at the extra sportiness

Interieur 911 GT3 RS

The 911 GT3 RS can only be had with a 7-speed PDK dual clutch automatic gearbox



Such low ground clearance is great for the track, not so much for speed breakers!

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