Image Gallery: Suzuki GSX-250R - Overdrive

Image gallery: Suzuki GSX-250R

10 Nov 2016 / 5

The Suzuki GSX-250R is newest quarter-liter motorcycle from Hamamatsu and it derives a few design cues from its elder siblings. It gets a 248cc parallel twin motor that develops 25PS and 23.4Nm. While it may look racy, it is essentially a sporty commuter, evident from the high set handlebars. The bike is available in black, white or this lovely MotoGP inspired paint scheme. Scroll through the images to discover the new Suzuki.

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (28)

The bike looks lovely in this MotoGP paint scheme

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (29)

Design cues are borrowed from Suzuki’s big bikes

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (30)

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (31)

Rear three-quarter view looks interesting

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (25)


Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (20)

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (17)

New LCD dash features white on black display

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (15)

Despite the entry level positioning, the bike seems to feature good quality switches

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (16)


Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (2)

LED position lights flank the headlamp

Suzuki GSX-250R 2017 (7)

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