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Image gallery: Yamaha Saluto

22 Jun 2015 / 0

Yamaha’s all new 125cc commuter motorcycle, the Saluto is out in the market. It gets Yamaha’s new Blue Core-enabled 125cc engine which lays claim to a fuel efficiency of 78kmpl. While the design language seems familiar (reminiscent of the YBR125), Yamaha says that the motorcycle is all new and is significantly lighter than the YBR125, with a weight comparable to 110cc motorcycles – well, almost. Here are the images from the photoshoot accompanying our comprehensive road test.

Yamaha Saluto


Yamaha Saluto (6)


Yamaha Saluto (1)

The meters are basic, comprising an odo, fuel gauge and tell tale lights


Yamaha Saluto (3)


Yamaha Saluto (5)


Yamaha Saluto (8)


Yamaha Saluto (11)

The drum only brake set-up is another wet blanket and we really wish that Yamaha could have included a front disc brake


Yamaha Saluto (12)

The switchgear is simple and reminiscent of the older Yamaha commuter motorcycles


Yamaha Saluto (13)

The Saluto’s Blue Core engine is refined with lots of midrange torque


Yamaha Saluto (14)

The only limiting factor in the package seems to be the Ceat Secura tubeless tyres that seem to reach their limit before the chassis and suspension combination does


Yamaha Saluto (15)

The headlight features an odd central pilot lamp


Yamaha Saluto (16)


Yamaha Saluto (17)


Yamaha Saluto (18)

We would have preferred an LED unit for the tail lamp


Yamaha Saluto (19)


Yamaha Saluto (20)


Yamaha Saluto (21)

The Saluto’s tank is an attractive shape with minimal graphics and similar to the FZ series, it features plastic panels on either side of a metal tank


Yamaha Saluto (22)

The ride quality is a positive and though it’s on the ‘firm’ side of good, it absorbed some very bad potholes on our test run, transferring little discomfort to the rider


Yamaha Saluto (9)

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