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IRC 2014: What the competitors have to say about the upcoming Rally of Maharashtra

09 Jun 2014 / 0

As the 2014 rallying season kicks off with the Rally of Nashik, it’s not just the fans getting jittery with sheer thrill and excitement. The competitors too express their delight at being part of the event – the only tarmac one on this year’s calendar.

Gauraw gill

Reigning champion, Team Mahindra Adventure’s Driver, Amittrajit Ghosh says,”Having started my motorsport career in racing, I love tarmac. Tarmac is always faster and a lot more unforgiving than gravel. It’s always a great way to start off the year with this event as you are jolted back from your off-season blues within a few kilometres. In terms of driving, tarmac requires a very clean and precise approach and that is something I like. All in all, Nashik is the perfect driver’s event and something all of us look forward to.”

Co-driver, Ashwin Naik again from Team Mahindra Adventure, adds that “Worldwide tarmac rallies are always a different ball game as the conditions change completely – like the car setup, tyre choice, suspension setup etc. Also don’t forget the speeds are higher. Surely rallying on tarmac is exciting. The Nashik Rally has always been the best rally in my rally career of 19 years both on bikes and in cars. My first overall victory was in this very rally.”

The scenic stages Nashik have been widely commended in terms of the sheer skill and dexterity they demand of the driver.

2013 Asia Pacific Rally Champion , Gaurav Gill agrees. “I love the stages at Nashik.”, he says, “They are very driver focussed. It requires tremendous commitment from the driver and your pacenotes have to be perfect, your car setup is crucial and that needs to be perfect as well. There are so many factors that all come together, and as a complete package you need to be perfect to win this rally.”

We can’t wait to get a slice of the action at Nashik. Join us there for a rallying experience like no other.

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