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Jaguar F-Type 4WD spotted testing

14 May 2014 / 0

The Jaguar F-Type has been around for a few months now and and already, a four-wheel drive version has been spotted testing. Both the coupe and convertible were seen by Auto Express with camouflage over the front half of the cars.

The disguises here are attempts to hide the humpbacked bonnet, which indicates that Jaguar may have raised the mounting points for the V6 and V8 engines, allowing them just enough room to put in a front differential and driveshafts underneath.

Jaguar F-Type 4WD 1

The hump on the bonnet can clearly be seen

Jaguar, now offers four-wheel drive on its XF and XJ saloon cars in cold weather climate countries like Russia and North America. Also, their new XE saloon coming in 2015 and the SUV which was spotted testing around the Nurburgring will have all-wheel drive systems.

Jaguar F-Type 4WD 2

Both the roadster and coupe were spotted testing

 With the four-wheel drive system, the F-Type will give the Porsche 911 Carrera 4S and the Audi R8 a proper run for its money. With better acceleration times compared to the rear-drive F-Type family, expect the 4WD variants to cost more .


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