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Kar-Worx in Mumbai launch Williams F1 car detailing service and products

22 Jan 2015 / 0

Kar-Worx, a Mumbai-based car service centre have launched the Williams F1 team ceramic coating  for cars and motorcycles at the recently concluded Parx Supercar Show. The company claim that the ceramic coating provides major benefits over the standard  Teflon coating usually opted for.

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Ceramic coating is claimed to bind with the paint’s polymers to create a layer which is two microns thick – this is a hundred times thicker than the 0.02 microns of a plain Teflon coat. This ensures that the paint job on your car is protected against elements such as sunlight, road grime, exhaust fumes and tree sap. The ceramic coat also prevents swirl marks and stone chip damage on the paint.

Kar-Worx say that every time you get your car polished, the thickness of the paint reduces, making the paint surface eventually wear out, thanks to the effects of the environment. But the Williams F1 ceramic coat service comes with a five year guarantee. You also get a maintenance kit for that period which ensures that the paint gloss stays the way it does right after coating. The ceramic coat can also be used for your shiny alloys which are susceptible to brake dust and dirt after which, a simple wash and wipe can restore the sparkle on those wheels.

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In addition to exterior coating, the company also launched the ceramic coat interior treatment service to provide protection against spillage on light-coloured fabrics inside cars. A ceramic coat over the interiors provides the convenience of simply wiping the stain off with a micro-fibre cloth since the ceramic coat prevents absorption of liquids into the carpet or seat fabric.

The company state that opting for the coating service can reduce maintenance bills. Also, if you sell your car within five years of the treatment, the warranty can be carried over.

Kar-Worx have also launched the Heyner brand of  wiper blades which come with a universal adapter for Indian cars. The blades are tested for over 18 lakh swipes, according to the company, and operate noiselessly without leaving streak marks. A calcium-calcium car battery by Varta, also included in Kar-Worx’s product line-up, promise longer life than standard car batteries. Kar-Worx claim that the battery doesn’t self-discharge when not used, even for an entire year.


Watch the following videos to learn more about Williams F1 ceramic coating:

 Williams F1 ceramic coat introduction

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